Survived Real World

No, not the MTV show, but a weekend in Charleston!

I have traveled several times since I started my new healthy eating and daily exercise program and done fine, but this past weekend, I faced a pretty big challenge in Charleston.

We originally planned on going down Friday and returning Saturday. Because it was Sister’s birthday Friday, I didn’t plan as well as I have in the past. I packed at the last minute – just  threw a bunch of stuff in a suitcase and left.

I didn’t get Friday morning’s workout in because I still had so much to do, but planned to exercise at the hotel fitness room. We arrived about 5 and immediately headed to the beach, thinking we’d be home by 8 or so. That was until we got caught up in shelling, let it get dark and couldn’t figure out where we parked.

Fast forward to 9 p.m., as we’re walking the road barefoot looking for the car, heel screaming due to plantar fasciitis flare up.  We made it back to the hotel – after a stop at Chick-Fil-A – about 9:30 p.m. I didn’t work out – heel hurt so much – but did do ok at CFA with a grilled chicken breast and fruit cup.

Saturday morning was my presentation, and I started the day well with a spinach scrambled egg and fruit. I had some coffee with the meeting participants, and they talked me into staying an extra night. (Twist my arm!) But, since we didn’t plan to stay that night, Sister and I hadto run out for a casual outfit for the evening events. Rushed to the outlet mall after my presentation, shopped through lunch and barely made it back for the carriage ride.

Dinner was at a great local seafood stop, Bowen’s Island Restaurant. Everything was either fried or served with fries and hush puppies, so I ordered the only thing with no fried anything, oysters. Actually never had roasted oysters, but they were good, and it was fun eating them. I even found a teeny crab in on of the oysters. (I did have one of Sister’s hush puppies, though, and it was divine!)

Sunday, we ate with the group – scrambled egg and fruit – and stopped at Whole Foods on the way home where we had a slice of Margherita pizza. That was actually a first for me as I’ve never eaten tomatoes on pizza (or on anything else for that matter.) I haven’t been a tomato eater in the past, but loved the pizza and plan to make one soon.

I did get on the elliptical Sunday with no heel pain, so I’m hoping I didn’t mess my heel up again. Last time I re-injured it was December 2010, and it took nearly three months to get back to normal. Keeping my fingers crossed!

All in all, it was a good weekend foodwise. If anything, I know I didn’t eat enough, but considering we were in Charleston. I figure better not enough that too much. I tried some new things, exercised every day except Friday and kept my water up.

When we returned home, I had a really bad stomachache, so I took a nap. And then it was Monday. I didn’t cook as usual on Sunday, and that will haunt me this week, but it was worth it.

Things are fairly easy any given week when I cook on Sundays and plan well, but as Traci said, I have to learn to adopt this in tghe “real world,” the times when things aren’t so easy. And I proved this weekend that I’m capable of doing so.

That being said, I need to do well this week since I didn’t do as well over the weekend. I did take a few hours annual leave today – I’m doing a few things around the house and cooking a few things, too.

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  1. Hey, MP! As you probably know, I’ve been working out 5 days a week in the mornings for a while now. YAY! A good habit to pick up! Over the weekend, however, I decided I needed to marry my eating with my working out. So, starting Monday, I started eating healthier. YAY! Going great so far, but this weekend is a couples weekend in Edisto. So “the real world” for me starts tomorrow at dinner! My plan is to bring a lot of fresh fruit to snack on, and make wise choices whenever we go out! Wish me well!

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