Sunday in the Kitchen

I don’t feel so great today – allergies, headache – but I’m going to spend the afternoon in the kitchen to prep for the coming week.

First, I’m making a double batch of Taco Soup, this time with the CORRECT amount of homemade taco seasoning. For those of you who may be interested in the taco seasoning recipe, click here. I actually cut the chili powder in half as Sister and I don’t like it a little milder. I’m going to put half of the soup in “to go” containers for work, and I’m going to freeze the other half.

Next, I’m either going to make a favorite black bean soup or a new recipe from Traci, Quinoa and Black Beans. Then, I’m going to prep a vegetable meatloaf so I can toss it in the crock pot after tomorrow morning’s workout so we’ll have dinner ready tomorrow night. At Mom’s suggestion, I’m going to use it for meatloaf sandwiches later in the week.

It’s not like me to spend an afternoon in the kitchen, but it makes it so much easier to eat healthier when all I have to do is reheat things instead of spending a lot of time in the kitchen after work.

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  1. The quinoa and black beans looks SO GOOD!!! I may have to fix that. Where do you buy your quinoa? Earthfare? (Email me.) And I'm assuming this homemade taco flavoring is less calories than the store bought kind? EMAIL ME THE TACO SOUP recipe, too, please.

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