Spring Cleaning Sunday

Thank goodness May is almost here! I’ve been working in the environmental arena for 15 years now, and for 15 years, April has kicked my tail! April is Earth Day month and the beginning of the Spring event season and is easiest the busiest month of the year, work wise. In between daylong school presentations and weekend work events, life in general gets busy. We celebrate Easter, switch out our closets and do our taxes, not to mention try to enjoy more daylight and start the gardens!

My house is far too messy to handle in one day, but today, I dedicated to day to catching up and preparing for the week ahead. It seems like I haven’t had the luxury of doing much in April. Today, I made up for it, though, by:

  • Washing and putting away two loads of dishes
  • Recycling plastic grocery bags that have been in my car for over a week
  • Dropping too big clothes off at donation drop off
  • Buying and putting away groceries
  • Cleaning and cutting 30-something empty soda cans to use for my 52 Windows art piece
  • Cutting 40 stalks of catnip from the herb garden and hanging them for drying
  • Cooking red kidney and black beans in the slow cooker for the week ahead
  • Prepping this week’s meds
  • Cooking sweet potato wedges for lunch, week ahead
  • Cooking ranch turkey burgers for lunch, week ahead
  • Baking a batch of Whole Wheat Banana Nut Muffins
  • Planting two cherry tomato plants and a citrus mint plant in the herb garden
  • Weeding the herb garden
  • Paying bills online
  • Adding 2012 PINK ETV sticker to my car – been meaning to do this for weeks!
  • Adding new recipes to the blog
  • Making large batches of no msg taco seasoning, ranch dressing mix
  • Making Taco Soup bases — when beans are ready, I’ll just add those and be done
  • Breaking down cardboard boxes and loading them in my car to take to the recycling center this week
  • Changing my bedding and switching my towels
  • Making a large container of my veggie mix to eat for snacks this week; the trail mixes aren’t a good option for me. I can never stop at 1/4 cup.
  • Washing an important load of clothes
  • Taking Mom the iPhone charger she left in my car
  • Laying out tomorrow’s workout clothes
  • Planning tomorrow’s meals
  • All of that PLUS getting to bed in plenty of time to watch what I can of The Apprentice (always fall asleep)

Of course, I still have about 10 things that I’d hoped to get to today, but I’ll just add them to this week’s list.

Other than a full Sunday, the weekend was fairly laid back:

  • Our dog, Cebu, who nearly died from Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis last week, is doing okay. She’s still on the “worn out” side, but I suspect she just doesn’t bounce back as fast these days.(Who does, right?)
  • My Uncle Ray died Saturday just before 5:30 a.m. He had prostate cancer – had it for about 10 years – and his health had been failing for the last six to eight months. He was one of Dad’s brothers, and at one point, we thought he and Dad would probably go within a few days of each other. We’ll be going to NC later this week for a memorial service.
  • Sister had a conference on Saturday, so Mom and I spent some time shopping on Saturday. We tried to go to a few plant sales, but were thwarted; we ended up just going to a few places like Hobby Lobby and Tuesday Morning. Saturday night, Mom grilled out and invited us and the Elliott family. We looked at old scrapbooks and watched one of Mom’s fave new shows, Storage Wars.

A few special Lean Green MP goals this week:

  1. No ice cream or trail mix
  2. Eat at least one vegetable every day
  3. Work out every weekday morning
  4. Do at least one day vegan

Any special goals this week, health or otherwise? Did you have a productive weekend or do you need another day or two? What did you do this weekend that you enjoyed the most? (For me, it was spending Saturday morning with Mom!)



  1. Wow, lady! You must have been up at the crack of dawn to fit all of that in! I definitely need another day or two tacked on to the end of this weekend, but was able to motivate myself to NOT watch more than an hour of TV tonight. It’s just so easy to do on a Sunday evening even though I’m not much of a TV watcher myself other than Desperate Housewives! 😉

    • I was up early. And I have the same TV issue, but mine is on Sunday afternoon. It’s so easy to sit down “for a few minutes” to watch some inane show like Snapped only to wake up three hours later. I do allow myself The Apprentice at 9 p.m., but I rarely make it through the first hour. Good for you for keeping it to an hour!

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