Some May Like It Hot, But This Was Ridiculous

This morning before we left for the mountains, I decided to put a crock pot of taco soup on. But when mixing the ingredients, I realized that we had no  taco seasoning! No worries – Traci told me that I needed to make my own because the packets had MSG.

I found a recipe for taco seasoning online, and saw that it was equal to 1/4 a packet of commercial taco seasoning. Since I use one packet in the soup, I multiplied the recipe by four to equal what is in one packet.

So we got home around dinnertime, and it was SO nice to have soup ready and waiting for us. Until we fixed a bowl and had our first spoonful. YIKES! It made my scalp and the top of my ears hot, and it cleared Sister’s sinuses. We tried to eat it, but couldn’t. It was awful! I fixed a bowl of cereal, but not before I dumped the whole pot out. YUCK!

Determined to try again tomorrow, I looked at more recipes, and then looked back at the one I used. It wasn’t until I was reading it aloud to Sister that I noticed it was equal to one 1/4 OUNCE packet, not 1/4 a packet. UH OH! So that was my mistake! The taco soup had what was equal to four packets of taco seasoning in it! Not a good thing!

Tomorrow is another day. Thank goodness!

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