Since the Aneurysm, Not Sitting So Pretty at Work

Work_MPSince having my follow-up arteriogram in early September, I have been experienced significant soreness in my hips, lower back and shoulders. I didn’t think that I should be sore from the procedure, so my sister and I brainstormed. Thinking back, the soreness occurred the week I went back to eight hour days at work. I thought I was sitting pretty during my staggered return to work, but Sister brought up a good point: it had been nearly six months since I’d sat at my desk for eight hours. I wasn’t sitting as I should, in addition to my body readjusting to sitting for long periods of time.

I did some online research and indeed found out that I wasn’t sitting as I should and/or taking appropriate breaks from my office chair. (From Greatist, here’s how we should be sitting at our desks.)

My biggest problem is that my short legs won’t reach the floor, so I tuck them up under my hips. Not the proper way to sit. Also since returning to work, I’ve been working non-stop on the upcoming Green is Good for Business Conference and taking few breaks. I’ve now ordered a foot rest and back wedge, and starting the first of the week, I’m also setting an alarm for the top of every work hour to remind me to get up and move.

Here’s hoping that the next time I post, the soreness will be a thing of the past, like the aneurysm.


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