September, 2015 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Planned menus last night
  2. Learning how to splurge without totally eating everything else in sight.
  3. Didn’t finish all of my dinner.
  4. Soda City Splurge? Mango on a stick.
  5. Skipped the “magic” Coke machine for water.
  6. Met up with a high school friend who was in town. Pre-aneurysm, I would’ve never done it, but now I understand and better appreciate those friendships.
  7. Purchased an iPad to facilitate my voice therapy.
  8. Started using Fitbit to monitor my sleep again.
  9. Every part of my body was screaming to skip my workout, but I went anyway.
  10. Hadn’t eaten all day due to a outpatient procedure. Splurged on my favorite: Five Guys hot dog and fries, but didn’t eat all of it.
  11. Passed on an evening event so I could get to bed early.
  12. Got a manicure on my new no-longer-bitten fingernails. Still amazes me how good they look.
  13. Attended the EPC First Steps class in preparation to join the church.
  14. Called instead of emailing.
  15. Sent a card to a friend of a friend who has had a brain aneurysm.
  16. Skipped the baklava sundae at the Greek Festival.
  17. Figured out why I’ve been so sore: getting back to eight hour days at work and not used to sitting so much. Ordered a foot rest and will attempt to get up and move more next week.
  18. Celebrated six months since the “annie” – my annie-versary of sorts.
  19. Didn’t have a cookie between church and Sunday school.
  20. Brain aneurysm awareness month op-ed appeared in The State.
  21. Got back to the gym after a week long break AND did the Prowler, too.
  22. Coughing and sneezing like a normal person today. A good sign of progress in my airway healing.
  23. Post-workout sore for the first time since I’ve been back at the gym.
  24. Got up and out to the gym on my birthday and last medical day off.
  25. Had scrambled eggs with one egg and an added egg white at OPH today.
  26. I had Bojangle’s for lunch and DIDN’T have an “I blew it so let me eat crazy the rest of the day” afternoon/evening.
  27. Planned for the crazy week ahead the best I could.
  28. Was tempted to forgo my special order fruit tray at the conference to enjoy the Italian buffet, but decided to keep the fruit salad.
  29. Mom invited us over for pizza and instead of Marco’s, I had an Amy’s pizza.
  30. Learning how important it is to get my sleep, no matter what.


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