September, 2014 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Resisted a very strong urge to take Labor Day off from training. Went anyway and had one of the best workouts I’ve had in a while.
  2. Planned today’s menu last night and followed it to the T.
  3. Didn’t let an eating slip up turn into a catastrophe
  4. Increased weights for this evening’s strength training, and Jarrett is prepping me for landmines!
  5. Today’s cardio? A guided fitness walk at Sesquicentennial State Park! A great break in the gym routine.
  6. “Treated myself” to a kid’s meal at Smashburger, ended up with a stomachache all afternoon.
  7. For several days now, I have been cutting the artificial sweetener in my coffee in half. Instead of using a blue and a pink, I am only using a blue. Hoping to adjust, then cut back further.
  8. A woman at the gym stopped me when I got off the AMT and said,”I just wanted to tell you that you are a monster on that thing.”
  9. Someone at work made a comment about my waist showing.
  10. Resisted buying a bag of my favorite Halloween candy, those mellowcreme pumpkins.
  11. After cutting back to only one Equal in my coffee (from one Equal and one Sweet n’ Low), I’m now ready to tackle cutting back further to just half a packet of Equal.
  12. Trainer increased some of my weights today!
  13. Did I mention that I started doing landmines during my strength training?
  14. Looking forward to Friday training vs. regretting that I didn’t do it on Wednesday or Thursday. I’m starting to really enjoy Friday evening training. The few of us that are there enjoy talking (and trash talking) and other than finishing by closing, there’s much less of a rush.
  15. Used a more advanced band during my triceps workout today – green!
  16. Found a new overnight oats recipe that includes pumpkin and Greek yogurt. It’s tasty and much more filling.
  17. Chose water over unsweetened tea today. REALLY trying to reduce use of artificial sweeteners.
  18. Meatless Wednesday.
  19. I am learning to be more flexible (and forgiving) with myself. My goal is to strength train twice a week and do cardio three additional days. I’ve learned that a regular schedule is good, but that it isn’t a huge fail if I have to mix days up due to scheduling issues, a heavy workload or just the simple need for a breather.
  20. Taking a 9 p.m. thirty minute walk after an afternoon/evening of shopping so I could get the rest of my steps in
  21. When shopping this weekend, I could see a noticeable difference in my rear end and thighs.
  22. The day I was more excited to see the arrival of Honeycrisp apples than Count Chocula! (The person I am today is s different that the person I was four years ago, and that is a good thing.)
  23. Tried four new recipes on Sunday, including one with broccoli and one with spelt flour.
  24. Went to the gym the morning of my 48th birthday to get in 48 minutes of cardio, but ended up with an hour!
  25. Changed in a brighter room with a large mirror and noticed some significant toning in my lats. Seeing changes makes those seated rows a little easier to bear.
  26. 11,000+ steps
  27. Had a bag of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Miniatures in my office and only had three.
  28. In extreme crunch time at work, but made myself leave to strength train. Figured that the workout would relieve the stress and that the work would be there the next day.
  29. Dito #28, except that it was about to rain outside and I had to really bust it to get to the gym. Just barely made it in time to get 30 minutes in before the gym closed.
  30. After being on my feet for two days at the conference, I went to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio. One of the biggest mental victories I’ve had in a while.

BONUS NSV: Sister said something about my body toning up. And as you longtime readers know, Sister is conservative with the compliments; when she gives one, you know it’s well-deserved.

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