September 2013 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Just paid off my Macy’s credit card! Best. Feeling.
  2. Passed on ice cream at Mom’s house.
  3. Tonight’s cardio: not pretty, but I got it in!
  4. Completed trainer’s warmup that I didn’t think I could do.
  5. Back to 30 minutes on the AMT.
  6. Almost picked up a Cella’s chocolate covered cherry at the Rite Aid check out, but realized my calories would go a lot further with something at home.
  7. Really surprised myself by getting a size 12 skirt today. It was exciting and fun, like when I started getting into smaller clothes before.
  8. Comfortably wore a medium race t-shirt this weekend.
  9. Comfortably wore a medium polo shirt today.
  10. Packed a lunch to take to a workshop, because even though they are providing lunch, it is rarely something that is clean!
  11. And even though the lunch was doable – Zoe’s – I stuck with what I brought because I know what was in it.
  12. Physically removed some tempting candy from my house.
  13. Resisted a small mint, not because it was horrible, but because it would likely lead to one or two more, then possibly a later sugar binge. (I often find it easier to resist sweets than to just have one or two.)
  14. Used lemon juice on a plain baked potato instead of sour cream. (It sounds weird, but it’s actually a neat option.)
  15. Turned down a fresh, free local bakery cookie.
  16. Was going to treat myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but realized that I was going out to lunch the same day. Treats are fine, but two in one day isn’t smart.
  17. Did AMT for 30 minutes, getting less difficult.
  18. Overslept, but still got up and trained.
  19. Lower back tenderness, but still got up and trained.
  20. It was far from a perfect day, but I made spaghetti at home instead of taking Sister up on her offer to bring Italian home. What I made was pretty darn clean – whole wheat spaghetti, tomato sauce and Laura’s ground beef – vs. gosh knows what from Schiano’s.
  21. Realizing how much I already miss the fruits of summer, especially peaches, cherries,  nectarines and local blueberries. Frozen fruits just aren’t the same.
  22. Had a near melt down over some incompetence issues, but as mad as I was, I didn’t reach for food.
  23. Enjoyed my birthday without losing control foodwise.
  24. Had one – and only one – dark chocolate Krackel miniature today.
  25. Resisted a lot of party food at an event tonight.
  26. Did 35 minutes on the AMT for the first time in forever
  27. My HDL was so high that Traci thought I had given her the wrong number.
  28. Worked out for five days straight for the first time in a while.
  29. First Sunday in a while without a nap. Sunday naps are good, but depending on their length, can really mess up getting up early enough for Monday morning training.
  30. Today’s workout was a tough one, and I gave it my ALL.

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