September 2012 Non-Scale Victories

  • Found a new healthy breakfast option, one I can make ahead and eat on the run.
  • After weeks of living by the seat of my pants, I cooked over the weekend and have meals and snacks packed and ready to go.
  • Sister, walking behind me today, said “You HAVE gotten a butt.” Again, compliment from Sister is a big, darn deal. (I inherited Dad’s flat butt, which I’m slowly shaping up!)
  • Instead of getting a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte on this “opening day,” I made my own pumpkin spice smoothie, a much healthier option.
  • Gonna have to stop wearing my “junior XL” v-neck workout shirts for training; they’re too big and I show too much cleavage doing certain moves.
  • Blood pressure: 102/58. Pre-weight loss had borderline hypertension.
  • Wearing a size small shirt today.
  • Two years ago today, I started the Healthy in 12 program at Doctors Wellness Center at 232 lbs. wondering what I would be able to eat. Today, I’m nearly 100 lbs. lighter, eat things I didn’t eat two years ago and now don’t eat fast food or processed food. Pretty darn cool!
  • Got a “brilliant” from my trainer!
  • My morning cardio/training is now like coffee. If I miss it, my day is not the same.
  • Moving up past 3.5 mph on the elliptical, which for a short-legged girl like me, is kind of a big d
  • Working late, hungry, stressed and alone, I walk out to find part of a birthday cake — my favorite — in our office. At one time, I would’ve devoured it. Tonight, I didn’t even open the box.
  • Got a “clean” mammogram
  • Finally seeing some toning in my inner thighs
  • Had myself worked up for a cheat dinner, but it turns out that all I really wanted was a scrambled egg
  • Accidentally drank some of Sister’s milk, instead of my soy milk, and the taste jarred me.
  • Moderately ate a few “regular” things during the conference. Not only were they not that good, but I ended up with a bad stomachache.
  • Didn’t eat as well during conference week, but still didn’t hit a drive-thru or eat anything processed.
  • Recently came into work, where several co-workers had brought in some kind of greasy breakfast. The smell literally turned my stomach.`
  • Switching out clothes, I came across a bunch of old 2x, 3x things – such a great visual of how far I’ve come
  • SERIOUSLY fought some “roll over and sleep in” days, but pushed myself to get to the gym.

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