Second Twelve

At the beginning of the tenth week of the LEAN program, I’ve decided to go for another twelve week session when this one is over. I am thankful to the City for giving me this opportunity, but the next twelve weeks are on me!

Budget-wise, I can handle it, but need to start thinking about it now. Traci said that I could pay monthly, and that’s a great option, but I’d love to pay as much as I can up front. My disposable income is lower now that I have a car payment again and a gimpy dog with expensive meds, but I should be able to do it.

I’ve created a “Second Twelve” spreadsheet to help me figure out where I can save and keep track of how much more I need to meet the goal. I already have a few things on the spreadsheet – pending check for working the election, pending check for earrings sold at the Lexington County Library and a pending reimbursement check. I also have a few TRASHformations events over the holidays, so I’m hoping to have some strong sales there, too.

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