Sad News

Today we found out that Mom and Dad’s dog, Lucy, has cancer. We won’t know more until we check with a specialist next week, but we are all brokenhearted.

Beth and I surprised Dad with Lucy about 12 years ago. He was having some health issues, and we thought a dog would be good for him. We came across Lucy at a festival at the Farmer’s Market, in a fence company booth. We took him – which we later found out was a her – that day. She was so cute. She would romp for a few steps and them tump over, almost as if she had fallen asleep. Dad has enjoyed Lucy, and when Gramma moved in with Mom and Dad, she, too, fell for Lucy.

Typically, I have been an emotional eater, and when I first talked to Sister about Lucy today, my first thought was that we should go out to eat, which we didn’t do. Worth noting that we were over at Mom and Dad’s tonight, and Dad’s “Stephen Minister” came over. He heard about Lucy when he called over earlier today, and he and his wife stopped by. They recently lost a cat, and they wanted to check in on Dad. When they left, Weyman handed Sister and I a box of Ferrero Roche – one for each of us – and Dove bars to Mom and Dad. Mine are still in the car, box unopened. So I’ve gotten through the shock of Lucy’s diagnosis without comforting myself with food.

Dad seems to be having a “good” day in terms of his dementia, and he was talking quite level-headed about Lucy’s diagnosis. I hate for him to have to go through losing Lucy, though; Mom, too. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.

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