Reviving Tradition With a Twist!

“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers,” from A Streetcar Named Desire is one of my favorite movie quotes, and today we lived it!

Today was the day we decided to revive an old Christmas tradition that we abandoned when Dad died: going to a Christmas tree farm to pick and cut our own live tree. Our usual farm, Harmon in Lexington, apparently closed last year. After a little research, we decided to go to a farm in Eastover.

We got there, jumped on the hayride and started looking. There were people there to help you cut your tree, but I wanted the full experience and grabbed a saw for myself. So I grabbed a saw as we hopped on the hayride to see the trees. 20151128_150412Beth and I settled on a beautifully shaped Scotch Pine, which I was able to take down fairly easily, even though I had to argue with Mom and Beth about me sawing it down. They reminded me that with this airway issue, I’m not supposed to get winded. Whatever. I didn’t work so hard to get better only to deny myself the joy of cutting down my own Christmas tree.

Tree Cutting20151128_152237(1)20151128_152311I got the tree down and did get some help getting it back to the spot to pay for it. They shook it out, drilled a hole for us, then tied it to the luggage rack on my car. (Supposedly.)

20151128_154032We made it down the dirt road okay, but as soon as we turned on to Highway 378, the trees slid off the hood and into the road. I stopped, Sister jumped out of the car and went to retrieve the trees. As she scooted them off to the side of the road, I very carefully backed up to her. Before we created a wreck or got someone hit, a cute young ranger from Congaree National State Park pulled up behind us and turned on his blue lights. Tree Ranger

Thankfully, another nice man stopped to help, and we got the trees in the back of my SUV. I giggle now, but it was a little scary.

20151128_154952Nothing is ever boring when Beth and Mom and I do it together, and today was the perfect example.


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