Reduce Workout Washing Time?

Disclaimer: This isn’t a paid placement or anything! I just saw the commercial and wondered if it could help me cut down on all those loads of workout clothes!

SC Johnson claims that with the Shout Color Catcher, you can mix whites, lights and color without worrying about color runs. I decided to put it to the test with my workout clothes.

My workout clothes are a mixed bunch: brightly colored shirts, dark pants, white socks and sports bras. If I could wash everything in one load, it would be a great time saver. Today I bought a package and gave it a try.


  1. Add one sheet to your wash load before starting the machine.
  2. Use your detergent, stain remover and other laundry products as usual.
  3. Discard sheet(s) after wash. (Dryer safe.)

Mixed Load Before

Mixed Load + Color Catcher After

The color or lighting may be off in the after picture, but they clothes came out perfect. The brights were bright, and the whites were still white. I’ll use this again, especially for my workout clothes!


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