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Today, for only about the second time since I started eating healthier, I had a headache.

It is such an unusual occurrence that I mentally went through a checklist of what I might have done differently in the last 24 hours. Ate “normal for me” dinner? Check.  Had my morning coffee? Check. No excess artificially sweetened foods? Check. Worked out? Check.

Then I thought back to what I was doing just before the headache started. I was at the Coca Cola Recycle and Win news conference. Didn’t drink any soft drinks. Didn’t eat anything. AHA! On the way out, they gave me a beautiful bouquet of red and yellow flowers that had been used as a centerpiece. They’d been in the car since about noon, and except for a few stops, I had, too. And flowers often upset my sinuses. The flowers were guilty as charged for the headache.

Before I started eating better – giving up fast food and processed foods – I had headaches so often; it definitely wasn’t a rare occurrence. I never really even tried to figure out the cause; I just knew that I had them and needed meds.

Pretty interesting comparison, if I say so myself.


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