October Non-Scale Victories

  1. Bought new workout knee pants in size M!
  2. The size 12-short BCBG jeans of Sister’s are baggy on me.
  3. Wore a size 10 pencil skirt today.
  4. Had a great strength training session today. With some of the aches and pains I had, as well as the fact that I walked instead of training last week, I was afraid I would have slipped a little. But I pushed myself and felt stronger than ever.
  5. My size-12 toile skirt is getting too big.
  6. Got a new Live United shirt today, size medium.
  7. The before and after photos I posted on the website
  8. My XXL Junior Super Woman shirt is getting a lot looser
  9. The XL workout shirt I bought at Target is too loose, need a large (down from a snug XXL)
  10. The ladies at the dry cleaner said that I was looking sleek ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Decided to go easy on the elliptical this a.m., but turned out I was going at Traci’s target speed of 130 spm w/out even trying
  12. When asked to choose a conference t-shirt, I automatically chose a size L. When I tried it on that night, it was too big…
  13. Picked up a medium t-shirt the next day, and when I got it home, I looked at it and knew immediately that it was too small. Tried it on – ta da – it fit!
  14. My new 12p pants are getting a little loose.
  15. When I saw our dog groomer today – took Mom and Dad’s dog over – she said, “I didn’t know there was a third sister.” She truly didn’t recognize me.
  16. Newer “regular size” undergarments starting to get baggy!
  17. No longer intimidated by the stairs at Washington Square -walked up six flights to my morning meeting!
  18. Heard this question three times at DHEC’s SC Solid Waste/Recycling Professionals Conference: “Where is the rest of you?”
  19. My feet are even getting smaller! Finally found a pair of size six black shoes that fit – it seems that when it comes to most size six shoes, my feet are now more a size 5.75. Have virtually lost all hope of salvaging my size six-and-a-halfs.
  20. All of my “before” coats now look like tents!
  21. Wearing a pair of funky tights, S/M sized.ย  Such a better selection in the regular sizes!
  22. When buying a t-shirt at Saturday event, the person selling them said that they only had large, no small or medium, referring to what size I needed. I still think of myself as a large. Bought medium, and it was a little loose.
  23. When a teenager calls you skinny, you know you’ve made it! LOL!
  24. Today, I wore a size SMALL sweater and size AB hose.
  25. Found out that the results I’ve achieved have motivated a friend’s husband to schedule an appointment at Doctors Wellness Center!
  26. Didn’t resort to food to comfort myself tonight when we got the bad news about Winston.
  27. Did my cardio although ever fiber in my being didn’t want to do it.
  28. Didn’t resolve to my old ways of coping – eating fast and/or unhealthy foods – when my dog suddenly became ill and later had to be put to sleep. If anything, I had to force myself to eat enough.
  29. Fit into size 8 short pants, but the 10 petite was a better fit.
  30. After a two day break, resumed exercise. And the endorphins were better than Kanax.
  31. Wore a new size small coat/vest
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