October 2015 Non-Scale Victories

  1. All medical bills are paid! Halleluja!
  2. Almost drank a Pepsi, but instead had one of my flavored waters.
  3. Rode by Zestos when I really wanted to stop for a basket in favor of eating lunch at home.
  4. The dullness in my fingertips is better. Just noticed.
  5. Ate Simply Balanced apple-spinach puree, could taste the spinach and didn’t gag. (It was actually quite good!)
  6. Went to Publix for the first time since the flood to get apples. And bananas.
  7. A first: tweeted Beth to ask her to get spinach for smoothies. My body is talking to me.
  8. Accepted invitation to 80s concert Friday night.
  9. Made trip to Charlotte for a climate change workshop.
  10. Volunteered for a new project at work.
  11. Hit my step goal for the first time in a few weeks.
  12. Wearing a dress that was too tight before the aneursym.
  13. Wearing my skinny bras again.
  14. Attended the CDP meeting in Charlotte and my brain worked fine.
  15. Wearing a dress that I bought in a year ago, but was too tight.
  16. Went to the Def Leppard concert. Walked a lot, SANG a lot, stayed out til nearly midnight. After a day of work. And I did fine. Had a blast even.
  17. Made my Taco Soup today, first time since I’ve been back at our house.
  18. Also washed my first load of clothes since I’ve been home, which may not sound huge but involves wicked stairs.
  19. Accepted help tonight with the rest of my clothes. Help is a good thing as I am recovering.
  20. Just made early a.m. training appointments for next week.
  21. Twice resisted stopping for fast food on the way home from Anita Hill.
  22. After a break made longer by my gym flooding, I made two appointments for early morning strength training next week. Will be my first return to early morning workouts in a year. (Fingers crossed, alarms set.)
  23. Seeing some major cognitive improvements, including an ability to better prioritize in the morning, which has allowed me to get to work on time every day for about two weeks. Progress!
  24. Woke up this morning with a burst of energy and a desire to walk the neighborhood. I thought I may be too limited on time, but jumped up and walked to Trader Joe’s. It ended up being 1.25 miles, and I hit my step goal early in the day.
  25. Sister brought me a medium t-shirt from Create-a-thon and it fit.
  26. Walked the dog at the end of the day.
  27. This
  28. Didn’t get candy from the vendors at the ASCEM conference, even though I was really tempted to use the sugar to help wake me up.
  29. Fought ever fiber in my being to ignore a guy who wasn’t doing right by me, even though he was adorable. I wasn’t able to do that back in November, 2014, though I should have.
  30. Bought jeans from the petite department and petite t-shirts both one size smaller than usual
  31. Had coffee with a nice new guy today.

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