October, 2014 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Tonight’s training included landmines with added weight
  2. Seeing some strength and toning in my upper thighs. Amazing.
  3. Wore shoes during beach walks to protect my feet. I don’t want to hinder my workouts in the week ahead.
  4. 18,000+ steps
  5. 12,000+ steps
  6. Set 1500 calorie gross food calorie goal for rest of the week
  7. Ate less than 1500 total food calories today.
  8. Everything worked against me getting to the gym this evening, including an extra hour at the hair salon, but I made it anyway!
  9. Feeling some major strength in my obliques!
  10. Turned down to-go order from the SC State Fair. (Biggie!)
  11. Did one set of landmines with the “man” bar.
  12. My booty is noticeably a different (and better) shape than it was at the beginning of July.
  13. Ate some BBQ, but even my friend noticed that my sides were all veggies, not mac and cheese, hush puppies and rice.
  14. It doesn’t happen as often now as it did when I first lost weight, but today someone asked “Haven’t you lost a lot of weight?”
  15. A vendor came by with a pumpkin full of goodies, including full-sized Kit Kats,Reese’s PNB Cups and m&ms. And what did I get? A branded kitchen clip, the only non-food item in the bunch!
  16. Did 30-straight minutes on the AMT with no foot issues. The night before , did a total of 51 minutes between the AMT and treadmill, again with no foot pain.
  17. Went to Rock Hill after work for a presentation, but busted it to be back at the gym by 7:30 p.m. for 30 minutes of cardio.
  18. Made it through SC State Fair season without any Fair food. This was especially momentous because Sister was there every weekday until dinnertime, and I could have had it “delivered.”
  19. 10,000+ steps two days in a row
  20. Walked to and from breakfast with a friend on Sunday, resulting in 8,500 steps before 10:30 a.m.
  21. Drank my Sunday coffee with NO artificial sweetener.
  22. Haven’t had artificial sweetener in my daily coffee for a week now!
  23. Jogged a bit during my walk.
  24. Woke up early to get my cardio in pre-road trip.
  25. Had a very small side salad at lunch today.
  26. Resisted buying my all-time favorite ice cream available only at Target – and it was even on sale!
  27. Spent the morning grocery shopping, the afternoon cooking.
  28. Eight set strength training session.
  29. Did my cardio even though I had a stomachache.
  30. Resisted fun-sized candy in a friends office.
  31. Walked past the Publix Chocolate Cookie Quarry frozen yogurt – and it was two for the price of one!

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