October 2012 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Added incline to treadmill work outs, something that would’ve killed my knee not too long ago.
  2. Completed and returned application for National Weight Control Registry.
  3. Made and ate a spinach salad when dining with friends.
  4. After missing this a.m.’s workout and deciding to “rest” after a full day, overcame the temptation and worked out with Sister this evening.
  5. 10,000 steps by 7:15 a.m. today. WOOT!
  6. Planned for a splurge. Enjoyed half a cheeseburger and order of fries at Pawley’s Front Porch. Sent the evening in bed with a horrible stomachache, not because the food was “bad,” but because my body isn’t used toeating that way anymore.
  7. SERIOUSLY resisted buying my favorite ice cream during my Sunday grocery shopping. I knew I couldn’t have just half a cup.
  8. I can no longer crack a nut by standing on it in the driveway. It’s a particular nut, one that falls from a tree in our yard. The driveway is full of them. Many pounds ago, I could step on one and crack it.When I tried tonight, I couldn’t. Funny, but neat.
  9. My legs are getting strong!
  10. Had a green smoothie as my afternoon snack
  11. Did the exercise I didn’t think I could do. And I didn’t want to do it. But I did.
  12. Reached down to scratch my calf and it felt stronger and smaller calf
  13. Got my 10,000 steps in during Soda City
  14. Found a BioFreeze roll-on and realized how long it had been since I used it. When I first started working out, I had one at home and one at work, and I used them both often.
  15. Had a nearly perfect day nutrition-wise
  16. Had 10,000 steps by 8:30 a.m.
  17. Took my own lunch to a conference instead of hedging my bets with the one provided
  18. 10,000 steps by 10 a.m.
  19. Actually liked a picture someone took of me today
  20. Splurged a little at brunch, but still resisted the really bad stuff like biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage
  21. Chose to stop at a Golden Corral on the way home so I could get some veggies. Not the best veggies, I know, but veggies nonetheless.
  22. Early morning walk with Mom and Beth in Portsmouth
  23. Needed comfort food last night. Instead of Five Guys or Village Idiot, made whole wheat spaghetti with homemade sauce, lean beef and Ezekiel sprouted garlic bread
  24. Seriously resisted some Halloween Peeps. “Had them in my hand, but put them down” resisted.
  25. Leg pressed 145 lbs.
  26. Increase resistance on elliptical, voluntarily, while sick even
  27. Taught Sister how to make Taco Soup
  28. Bought a lower sugar Kashi cereal – half the sugar of Go Lean Crunch, but still great in my yogurt
  29. Someone commented today that I was doing a  good job keeping my weight off. Not totally true – I am up a little – but nice to know it isn’t noticeable
  30. When drying my hair, noticed that the “goosh” on my arms is greatly diminished, more toned
  31. Wore some fab Halloween tights today, one size fits most, that I wouldn’t have fit two years ago

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