November Non-Scale Victories

  1. Had planned on a day off from exercise b/c I overslept and had an evening meeting, but packed my workout clothes and went after meeting
  2. Rocked new outfit: size 10 skirt, small sweater, size 10 jacket
  3. Put the scale in the bathroom closet, no longer out and/or easily accessible for daily weigh-ins
  4. All of my rings are now too big
  5. Bought a fab size 8 pair of pants and small shirt today
  6. Wore a size M workout pants from Target
  7. Had a really great elliptical workout today
  8. Overcame inertia big time to do exercises in my hotel room
  9. While in a meeting in Atlanta, someone I’d never met from Washington, DC said, “I’ve heard about your great weight loss success.”
  10. Made it back to training after a two-week grief hiatus
  11. Resisted – and I mean really resisted – a temptation for fast food
  12. Ordered Roma tomatoes on my vegan, whole wheat pizza and actually ate them
  13. I ate 10 dark chocolate Dove Promises, but resisted the urge to just eat the whole dang bag. Was very happy to stop at 10, even though that’s more than usual.
  14. Did not recognize myself in a picture today. It was from a panel discussion I did at the APWA Congress, and when I saw the picture of the full panel, I couldn’t figure out why I’d been cropped out. It was only on a third look that I realized that I WAS in it!
  15. Still get tickled when someone who hasn’t seen me in a while doesn’t recognize me
  16. 36C
  17. Craved a cheeseburger today, so I bought some healthy ingredients and had one. Not at all the wonderful thing I remembered.  Kinda just ‘meh.
  18. Wore some fab, funky patterned tights today. So many fun patterns available in “regular” size tights than the “plus” size ones
  19. With a new cut and color, even I didn’t recognize me!
  20. Wore a Small Petite shirt today
  21. Survived an emotional eating binge w/o totally blowing it.
  22. A size 12p pair of pants I bought in mid-September are now almost  too big.
  23. After 14 months of work outs, I am finally noticing a small lift in my booty. This is quite exciting!
  24. I shot hoops for about 90 minutes today. And wasn’t half bad.
  25. Bought a hot petite small leopard print shirt today!
  26. Did I mention that I still have half of a bag of peppermint bark squares left over from December, 2010?
  27. I could’ve taken a size smaller in the new Supergirl t-shirt from the junior department
  28. ALMOST in a size small Life is Good shirt. In absence of women’s medium, bought man’s small.
  29. Wearing a size 8 petite jacket.
  30. Made a fab pizza with whole wheat crust and fresh chopped tomatoes. And didn’t take the tomatoes off when I ate it.

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