November Non-Scale Victories

  1. Missed morning cardio, but walked really fast around the track at Eastminster before my evening presentation
  2. Felt like a middle-aged suburban mom at the EPC gym, but walked my way past a lot of people that evening
  3. Saw someone I hadn’t seen in years. He stood beside me and stared, finally asked, “Have you lost a lot of weight? Are you Mary Pat?”
  4. Ate and enjoyed some City Roots lettuce
  5. Had a green smoothie for my evening snack.
  6. Split a post-election Rucker pizza (chicken, bacon and a ranch-based sauce) with a fellow poll worker and was shocked how salty it was.
  7. Gained a little weight, but still able to get into my size small sweaters. (Thank goodness — it’s cold!)
  8. Survived two really tough training sessions this week.
  9. Bench pressed 50 lbs., the highest I’ve done yet
  10. Was in one of those “haven’t eaten so great today so I’ll just treat myself again” moods and REALLY resisted some sesame chicken. Had a scrambled egg at home instead.
  11. Committed to run a 5K in February.
  12. Overweight man at work told me that he keeps my before and after picture card where he can see it to motivate him to get healthier.
  13. Made healthy cranberry sauce. From scratch. Not even my Gramma made cranberry sauce homemade.
  14. Survived today’s quite strenuous workout without throwing up. Miracle.
  15. Fought rain, cold temps and tiredness from barking dogs to get up for today’s workout. And I even got an elliptical!
  16. Seriously squashed a craving for a Cookout milk shake, which I’ve actually never even had.
  17. Finding it quite easy to pass on “just a taste.”
  18. Sister remarked positively on my no-longer-flat rear end.
  19. Mom wanted to order a pizza, and I told her no – that if she wanted a pizza, we should make it at home where we can control it better.
  20. Really enjoying the challenge of training for the 5K in February.
  21. When switching out clothes, found several items sizes 20, 2X. Reminded me just far I’ve come.
  22. A strapping, very intimidating garbage man told me that he gets all tongue-tied around me now.
  23. Instead of panicking over the things that are getting snug, I’m focusing my efforts on wearing something flattering, not beating myself up over it.
  24. Feeling much less compelled to weigh every day.
  25. Continue to notice strengthening and toning in my inner thighs.
  26. Did 5K Runner training on my day off.
  27. Trainer said my running looked good. A victory mostly because I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb when I run in front of others.
  28. Halfway through my third 5K Runner training, I found my mojo. Also increased run speeds to 4.3 mph.
  29. Back at training after a week away with sinus infection, related morning headaches
  30. An old friend meeting me at Starbucks didn’t recognize me in line, said I was so thin she didn’t connect that it was me.
One comment to “November Non-Scale Victories”
  1. Your weight loss is truly inspiring! I’m around 225lbs and I’m only 4’11, imagine me! I struggle with my weight a lot, plus it’s been affecting my health lately. I wish I could lose weight… I’ve tried several times throughout my life but I’m just addicted to food. 🙁

    A green smoothie sounds tasty! What all did you put in it?

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