November, 2014 Non-Scale Victories

  1. I have logged my eating on My Fitness Pal for 160 days in a row!
  2. Didn’t get off track at an office social event. Had fruit, water; ate dinner when I got home.
  3. Passed on the leftover Halloween candy brought into a meeting.
  4. Passed on it again the next day.
  5. Took my own lunch to an event that was featuring really unhealthy food.
  6. Ended the day with a late night walk to hit the 10,000 step mark.
  7. Started the day with a really sinful but delicious breakfast, but was able to rebound pretty well for the win.
  8. Sunday walk to Walgreen’s for bleach, batteries and cardio.
  9. Marked two personal and somewhat mental milestones today that I want to recognize, but not share. (‘Cause sometimes that’s how I roll!)
  10. Asked trainer for the hardest workout he could give me, and I did it!
  11. 60 minutes cardio!
  12. Two weeks ago, bought enough diet sodas to have one a day for two weeks. And I still have 75% of them left, unopened.
  13. I don’t carry “blues and pinks” anymore because I’ve virtually quit using them.
  14. Once known as the girl who’d order a hamburger even at the White House, today I rebuffed ground beef as a substitute for ground turkey in a recipe.
  15. Tried a boot camp class today, and I didn’t die. I did okay, in fact, and I’m looking forward to doing it again next weekend.
  16. 10,000 steps on a non-shopping day
  17. Survived one of the most difficult strength training sessions ever.
  18. 10,000 steps on a non-shopping day
  19. #17, ditto. In the same week, too.
  20. 75 minutes of cardio, including 30 on the AMT
  21. Wore a smaller pair of jeans today
  22. My shoes are all starting to get loose.
  23. Someone mentioned how good I looked and asked if I’d lost weight.
  24. Ate meat-free at office Thanksgiving luncheon.
  25. Did Saturday cardio outside in 32 degree temps.
  26. After strength training, did 45 minutes on the treadmill – just because.
  27. Former trainer mentioned my “killing it” at the gym, then later said twice how good I was looking. Supreme compliments, both, from someone who knew me when and helped me get to where I am now.
  28. Had one mini cupcake at a staff birthday celebration. One. And stopped. WINNING!
  29. 10,000+ steps before Thanksgiving lunch.
  30. Went five days meat-free.

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