Not Just a Numbers Game

As I move toward the ninth month of eating healthier and working out, I feel like I am finally conquering the scales.

It’s taken a while, and I’ll probably still not go long periods of time without weighing, but at least in the last couple of weeks, I prefer seeing actual changes vs. numbers on the scale. Changes that include:

  • Nailing exercises that I was literally unable to do not  too many months ago. A 20-second plank used to kill me; now I’m doing one minute and twenty-five second planks.
  • Adding new, more difficult exercises to my training, including bench presses and sled dragging
  • Seeing, actually seeing, my deltoids, triceps and biceps!
  • Getting out of plus sizes and into smaller sized clothes (I actually fit into and purchased a pair of 10p yesterday! They were snug, but zipped, snapped and passed the sit test. Hope to wear them in the next couple of weeks!)

Speaking of sizes, you really can’t trust a size, can you!? Granted, I’m pretty excited about donating my size 16-22 suits, but there really is no such thing as a perfect size anything! These days, I can comfortably wear a range of clothing sizes, from size 12 to 16. That’s a pretty big range, but it all depends on the maker, style and cut, amongst other things.

The numbers I’m really anxious to see are the ones from my pre-physical blood work and my 12 week assessment – both of which I’ll see this week!

What do numbers mean to you in your quest to be healthier/lose weight/become more fit? What is your relationship to the scales? How do the sizes you wear affect your body image? Any other numbers that you’re hanging on to?

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