Non-Scale Victories/September

Again, trying to record one every day.

  1. Did Traci’s elliptical challenge today, which reflected a significant intensity increase
  2. Sister’s size 12 Gamecock pants were sadly too big for me to wear
  3. I did almost 90 minutes on the treadmill.
  4. Shopped Belk sale today and more mediums fit than larges. Several larges almost swallowed me whole.
  5. Bought two new workout pieces today: a L sports bra (down from an XXL) and a M pair of shorts.
  6. Now wearing size B pantyhose, and they aren’t even too tight.
  7. I ate an “ant on a log” today!
  8. 36c sports bra!
  9. I walked up and down four flights of stairs when I went to Finance today.
  10. 20K+ steps today!
  11. Knew that it was OK to skip Sunday workout to stay at work to make Monday easier, didn’t get all OCD over it…
  12. Made good decisions at Hampton St. Vineyard despite the stress
  13. Knees and feet didn’t hurt so bad during and after the conference as last year.
  14. Was tempted to skip workout tonight to do trip stuff, but went anyway.
  15. Bought a medium blouse, and when I tried on belts, needed a medium. Say what?
  16. Walked over 21,000 steps
  17. Some CSL members didn’t recognize me
  18. Wearing belt on last rung + 25k+steps
  19. Compliment from @SC Legislator
  20. Was able to enjoy dinner at the ball park w/out overdoing it or getting that “I’ve blown it, so let me blow it big” mentality
  21. Didn’t have to worry about the airplane seat belt not fastening
  22. My size large Be Inspired pants are too big
  23. Pushed hard until the end to get steps in today – didn’t give up!
  24. Bought a sweatshirt jacket for the early a.m. and took a M
  25. Jogged for one minute on the treadmill
  26. Walked at the mall to get more steps (and make up for missed a.m. cardio)
  27. Wore a new top today, size petite medium
  28. Size 12 skirts getting to be too big
  29. Had to buy a new pink t-shirt for tomorrow’s Mayor’s Breast Cancer Breakfast because last year’s is way too big. Last year: 2x; this year medium petite!
  30. In a very bad mood, put off going to the gym as long as possible. As soon as I got there and got on the treadmill, my troubles melted away.

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