Non-Scale Victories/June

These are especially valuable at the scale starts to slow down!

  • A woman took me aside at the gym. She was a little sheepish, so I figured she was going to tell me that I had something in my teeth or was having a wardrobe malfunction. Instead, she said, “I just wanted to tell you that you are disappearing.” (6/1)
  • A meeting attendee told me how beautiful my skin looks since I’ve lost weight. I’m sure it’s all of that water! (6/3)
  • Someone asked me if I’d been on a liquid diet because the change was so dramatic. I loved telling them that I’d just given up fast/processed food and started eating more plant-based foods. (6/4)
  • Fit into a size 10 skirt at Mast General Store. (6/4)
  • My size 12 yellow and blue skirt is getting loose. Not too big, but loose. (6/7)
  • I felt thin today. (6/7)
  • A piece of salmon spoiled in my ‘fridge before I got around to eating it (6/8)
  • Three victories in one: Tucked my shirt in, wearing a belt and that belt is a size large (6/14)
  • Bought a size large denim dress today (6/14)
  • The scale isn’t showing a lot of movement, but for half a second, I noticed that my face looked significantly thinner. (6/14)
  • Wearing a size B in hose now. (6/17)
  • Tried on a medium jacket in Stein Mart this a.m., and it fit. (6/18)
  • My size 10p pink rooster pants were less tight today! (Bought  them way too tight because they were a steal and I loved them.) (6/25)
  • Tried on size L workout pants and they were too big; ended up with a M. (6/25)
  • Actually wearing an almost sleeveless shirt today. In public and everything. (6/29)
  • Really seeing the results of the strength training, mostly when I’m not looking for it. My legs are getting stronger and leaner; right now, they’re showing the most dramatic change.
  • Did one leg squats today! (6/30)


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