Non-Scale Victories/January

As not to flood the blog with one sentence updates, I decided to note positive, non-scale related changes in one place and post once a month. So here is the good news from January, 2011. (Is it really already February??)

  • Bought a t-shirt from the workout section of Target, aka not the plus-sized section
  • Bought a cute new robe in a size 14/16
  • Got back into a size 16 skirt (I think it was a regular 16, too, not 16W!)
  • After trying it on several times to find it too snug, I finally wore Beth’s yellow sweater set today; it was the perfect fit!
  • Didn’t like wearing my love bug Life is Good shirt to workout in; it looked too big, sloppy vs. my slimmer cut workout shirts.
  • Too tight skirt I bought around Christmas is now loose in the waist
  • Bought two XL dress shirts from the misses section, NOT the women’s, aka chub, section
  • Bought a size 14w dress, which fits like it was made for me!
  • Tried on a pair of Beth’s pants, regular 16 petite, and they fit
  • Beth pulled out a few of her slips for me – I needed a length I didn’t have – and I said that they were tiny, certainly too small for me. And the one I tried on – it fit!
  • One of my favorite things: I tried on a bunch of rings that I never thought I’d wear again, and they all fit! Love them all and so glad to “get them back” (This is my favorite change for January! I love all of my great rings and am so happy to be able to wear them again!)
  • Doing leg presses, I noticed that my calves and legs looked a lot thinner
  • A 1X coat that was “very fitted” in December is getting loose a month later

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