Non-Scale Victories/February

My non-scale victories for February! I record them when they happen, then publish a month’s worth at a time. It’s pretty neat to see them, especially those weeks when the scale is slow to move.

  • One of our vendors noticed and complimented me on my weight loss
  • Last month, I could BARELY do five “ham on ball” reps; now I can do 15.
  • Noticed that my workout shirts, which were toward the tight side when I got them in September, are now loose-fitting…Ditto on the workout pants that I bought a few months ago
  • Airplane seat belts are A LOT loser + more comfortable
  • Ice skating is easier 43 lbs. lighter and in better shape.
  • My favorite Earth Girl pajamas are really just too big; even with the drawstring tied as tight as possible, the pants still come off in the middle of the night.
  • Wore a ring today that hasn’t fit in at least four years
  • Wore a size 14w skirt today, a straight skirt at that
  • When I got up from my seat today, no one had to scoot up their chairs to let me by; I fit through fine!
  • Wearing 14 WP that have been hanging in my closet for over a month; they finally fit!
  • I’m no longer automatically “the biggest person in the room.”
  • Even the trash men at work are starting to notice my weight loss now
  • Bought a darling jacket from Stein Mart’s petites department, and it fits perfectly

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