Non-Scale Victories/August

I’ve gotten to where I love the end of the month so I can look back at these in smile! My goal for this month was to have a non-scale victory every day – that way, I can take some of the focus off of the scale, which by the way, is moving down slowly these days!

  1. Someone at work – who I didn’t know – told me how good I looked since I lost weight.
  2. Got into and bought a size 8 pair of pants. An anomaly for sure, but they were size 8, and they fit!
  3. Today, I saw a noticeable difference in my waist. Smaller, more toned.
  4. A colleague in my office who was out on medical leave for five months called to say that she didn’t recognize me when I returned and asked how I’d lost the weight.
  5. Underwear getting baggy! Time to try a L instead of XL? See a Saturday shopping trip!
  6. A change in taste. Now that I’m making my own salads, I don’t enjoy ones out as much. (Not that I have ever enjoyed a salad, yet, but do like mine better!)
  7. For the first time in a very long time, I’m excited about trying on my swimsuit and am a little worried that it won’t fit – not because I’ve gained weight, but I’ve lost 20 lbs. since I bought it.
  8. Wore that swimsuit today and felt awesome in it! It was a little loose, but it was so empowering to feel good in a swimsuit!
  9. Into size 12 dresses now!
  10. Up an lb. or two this a.m., but didn’t panic. Probably the sodium in the hotel food I had yesterday. Also remember how good I felt in that bathing suit Monday night.
  11. Bought a replacement for my Kameleon ring today, but in at least one size smaller: size six. My high school ring was size 5.5, I think.
  12. Wearing a size 10 denim skirt today.
  13. Having to wear my 38c sports bra on the last hooks!
  14. Made some yummy steamed garlic green beans tonight because I hadn’t had enough vegetables.
  15. Found a pair of Esprit shorts I think I wore senior year in high school – 1984 – and they were too big! LOVE IT!
  16. Took out last removable link from watch so it will fit better.
  17. Able to have a really cool, small dessert and didn’t get the “I’ve blown it now so eat everything in the world” mentality. Enjoyed it without any guilt or drama, then moved on.
  18. Read today’s post.
  19. Came home with only 5,000 steps, ended with over 10,000.
  20. Did I mention that I can feel my ribs now?
  21. That Starbucks promotional t-shirt that has been hanging in my closet unworn for years because it was too tight to even sleep in? Fits now, well enough that I can even wear it out of the house! (This is a BIG NSV!)
  22. Starting to prepare my first “thinner” clothes to go to a new home as they are getting too big.
  23. After nearly a year of working out five days a week – two days a week with a trainer – I’m finally starting to see and feel some toning in my booty!
  24. Size 12 petite skirt Sister gave me was actually loose in the waist.
  25. This (and the skirt is a size 10p!!)
  26. Took Duchess (our fat cat) to the vet. As the vet tech came around to get the cat carrier with Duchess, I heard her exclaim something about tiny. I laughed and told her that she just couldn’t see Duchess well, that she was far from tiny.  And she said, “No, I was talking about you.”
  27. Fit into a size 10 pair of shorts today at Oops. Had they been any other color than olive green, I would’ve bought them.
  28. One of my 38Cs – one that I bought in April – is now too big to wear.
  29. I’m now doing stretches and yoga poses that I couldn’t have done 78 lbs. ago, maybe not even 10 lbs. ago. Knees are significant stronger.
  30. Bought a fab size 8 shirt today! An anomaly, for sure, but an awesome anomaly!
  31. Will be sleeping in a fun new night shirt tonight, size medium, thanks to my sweet sister!
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