Non-Scale Victories, January 2016

  1. Went on an “owl prowl” hike at Congaree National Park. Seven months ago I was barely walking, now I’m hiking at night. Also made my step goal.
  2. Changed my vision board to reflect more of what I’m working on. The old one was a lot of work out bravado and emphasis on weight loss. My focus now is less on sweat and weight loss, more on stamina and working on my deficits, thus I needed a change on the board.
  3. Resisted buying new cherry m&ms at Walgreen’s this afternoon. Also resisted a $16 New Years journal. The last thing I need is one more thing to keep up with and/or feel guilty about not doing.
  4. Spent a delightful evening with an old friend and her family. Lots of fun, though no one could much hear me. I tried to stay engaged and enjoy despite my voice, which is always a challenge.
  5. Had a great lunch with an old friend, despite the noise
  6. Attended a meeting to start an aneurysm support group in the Midlands
  7. Did so well with my vocal cord surgery that they didn’t need to keep me overnight at the hospital
  8. Working on some great stuff with Nancy Smith. Set some boundaries, had a good discussion; started working on some new things.
  9. A bra that I wore during rehab is now too big to wear.
  10. Walked down the stairs to the laundry room with a basket full of clothes. Mom was concerned that I would never be able to do this, so much so that she wanted us to sell the house.
  11. Resisted dinner at Zesto’s tonight.
  12. At least three times today, resisted taking a peek at his Facebook page. I mean, what’s the point if it makes me feel bad and/or question my decisions?
  13. Very quickly took up the stairs from our sidewalk to the driveway. (Want to say skipped, but not a traditional skip. Just took them very quickly like I used to.)
  14. Day three of completing MyFitnessPal and staying within the zone.
  15. Someone who I haven’t talked to in a while called and was amazed at how much better my voice sounded.
  16. Amended MyFitnessPal to focus on nutrition vs. weight loss.
  17. Chose Lizard’s Thicket over Groucho’s for lunch so I could get some veggies.
  18. Carried two cans of beans with one hand. That is huge improvement in my grip and strength.
  19. Back at the gym after a couple of months off.
  20. Said the thing I needed to say to the person who needed to hear it. And it’s all working out okay.
  21. For the first time in a while, came within 100 steps of reaching my step goal.
  22. Drinking a.m. coffee in smaller cup to reduce the amount of sugary creamer used.
  23. Cooked two clean meals today, including one new recipe: PNB & Jelly Cookie Bars (made with chickpeas)
  24. OK, so this one IS scale-related, but resisted weighing today. I’ve had a few good days, and knew if the scale didn’t move in the right direction, it would discourage me. Plus, I’m trying really hard to focus on nutrition and not the scale. (But old bad habits die hard!)
  25. Cooked dinner on a week night!
  26. Did strength training and more than doubled water intake.
  27. Was actually sore from last night’s strength training.
  28. Held my own at the ULI meeting. Stayed for the whole thing, even though I felt like slipping out during the group exercise. (I hate group exercises, especially now that my voice is so soft.)
  29. Seriously resisted movie candy!
  30. Went to dinner at a new place with four people I didn’t really know. Had a ball.
  31. Took a neighborhood walk, only my second since being home.

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