Non-Scale Victories, February 2016

  1. Did Tuesday’s strength training this evening so I could attend an art show tomorrow.
  2. Resisted all kinds of goodies at the art show. (Except paintings. Bought two.)
  3. Have discovered a new favorite fruit, full of fiber: red pears!
  4. First time adding leg presses back to my strength training.
  5. Tackled a tough issue head on today. Also felt “bubbly” for the first time since March.
  6. Tonight’s workout was so good that I’m looking at new shoes again.
  7. Hit my step goal for the first time in a while. Did it while bird watching. Fun morning, and I stayed “in the present” the entire time.
  8. My “lost” cell phone was found.
  9. Took the best leftover candy (strawberry cream Lindt truffles) to the office to share the wealth and spare my waistline.
  10. Hair finally long enough to use my Marilyn oval brush!
  11. Threw away remaining Lindt truffles because I was having a hard time not eating them.
  12. Have gone to the gym twice a week for six weeks in a row.
  13. Switched around my training to accommodate an evening work meeting and my surgery.
  14. First time adding planks back to strength training schedule.
  15. Canceled afternoon plans so I could get ready for the busy week ahead. Very slowly, I’m finally figuring out how to prioritize.
  16. Though I fight it, I’m also learning when I need to slow down and take a nap.
  17. I didn’t start “flooding” at Liberty Tap Room though the crowd was insane and the wait was long. We didn’t all get to sit together, but I did get my picture with Jesse Jackson.
  18. Went to a victory party for the experience of going again. It made me a little sad because it wasn’t for “my candidate,” but I experienced it nonetheless.
  19. I woke up with two cats and a dog. It’s taking a while, but slowly everyone is finding their way, me included.
  20. After the fun at the Backyard Bird Count, registered for a Wild Winter Walk at Sesqui State Park.
  21. Prepped two healthy dishes for the week ahead today.
  22. Hit my step goal for the first time in a while.
  23. Resisted Girl Scout cookies.
  24. Made a call I would’ve normally avoided.
  25. My Lumosity memory score is increasing. It’s a slow progression, but it is up significantly.
  26. After six consistent weeks of strength training twice a week, my rear feels like it is getting narrower.
  27. Spoke at the City solar meeting and though I was far from perfect, didn’t feel the need to explain and/or mention the aneurysm.
  28. Have noticed that sometimes I zone out a little, especially in the morning. I don’t think this is new, nor a sign that I’m not getting better. It’s a good thing that I can notice it and thus start working on it.
  29. Had a hundred reasons to skip workouts in the last few weeks, but I’ve made them a priority, above anything else.


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