My Pineapple ABOVE the Sea

At the beginning of the summer, I blogged about growing pineapples from the stems of my favorite fruit. I’m excited to report that I’ve been successful!

I was able to root and plant two stems – one for me and one for Mom – and they both rooted well in terra cotta pots. I’ve kept mine outside and haven’t paid a lot of attention to it. But after the recent rains, I noticed that the plant has shown a lot of growth. Because I put it in a fairly small pot, this morning I re-potted it into a larger pot, one that I embellished with tiles years ago.

Now that I have another empty pot, I think I’ll try another pineapple. It occurred to me that since pineapples are the symbol of hospitality, a pineapple plant would make a nice hostess gift or perhaps a Christmas gift for a hard-to-buy for friend. As luck has it, I’m grocery shopping  today, so I’ll pick up a pineapple, prepare it and stick the stem in water to root.

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