My Guiding Word for 2016

This year, I’m giving up resolutions and instead am selecting a single word to guide me through the New Year. After a lot of thoughtful brainstorming, I’ve finally come to my guiding word: refinement.

2015 was a crazy year, to say the least. My goals were to get out of my comfort zone and to lose about 25 lbs. to get back to my goal weight. A ruptured brain aneurysm in mid-March help me hit that first goal of getting out of my comfort zone and also prevented me from reaching the goal weight. (It’s hard to lose weight when you can no longer work up a sweat! Doctor’s orders to slow down ’til I get these vocal fold issues under control. They’re causing breathing problems!)

I said during rehab that I was becoming a better person through all of the trials and therapy. I am more thankful, patient and have even made a little progress toward planning and thinking ahead better. I am a better friend, sister and daughter, I hope. But I still have some fine tuning to do: mentally, emotionally and physically. Thus the word refinement as my “theme” for 2016.

RefinementWhat is YOUR guiding word for 2016? Check out this great article on choosing one.

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