My First Veggie Pizza

I hesitated to post this in case Traci sees it and cracks on my “veggie” pizza, but it is what it is. I’m a work in progress. (As I like to say, I have the heart of a vegan, but the palate of a five year old!)

I’m heading out of town, so I’m trying to tackle as many of my goals as I can, LOL! Tonight, I tackled the “make a veggie pizza” goal.

At lunch, I went to the grocery store and picked some peppers! Cute, colorful peppers that made me smile. I also got a whole wheat shell, lower fat mozzarella and natural pizza sauce.

My veggie pizza consisted of broccolini tips and chopped peppers (red, orange and yellow). To prove that there ARE veggies on this pizza, here it is before the cheese.

And with the cheese going into the oven. (I used about 3/4 a cup of cheese for the entire pizza, much less than before!)

And hot out of the oven. It was delish. The crunch of the peppers still made me wince, but tastewise, it was really good! (And you could still see the green!)

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