My Annual Spring Morning Glory Story

photo (4)Earlier this week, I spotted the first morning glory sprout of the season, and it made me smile!

Morning glories amaze me. Each year, I harvest seeds from the spent blooms, but I never need them; they re-seed themselves. It always amazes me that those little seeds that fall from the vine into the dirt somehow survive months of cold, wind, rain and animals to germinate and pop up in early Spring.

What will I do with all of those seeds I harvested? I’ll probably plant a few more in the bottle tree bed for effect; I love to see the bottle tree covered in blooms. I may also plant some along the back yard fence and retaining wall, and maybe a few at the mail box. But what I’d really like to do is “morning glory guerrilla gardening.” (Stay tuned; this could be fun!)

If you aren’t familiar with my affinity for morning glories, especially as it relates to my lifestyle change, it all started here.

If you want some Lean Green MP “heirloom” morning glory seeds for your yard and/or a “morning glory guerrilla gardening” mission, let me know. I’ll be happy to send you some; I have hundreds!


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