Morning Workout Report

My trainer greeted me at 5:20 a.m. with, “You look like you’ve lost weight!” Great thing to hear anytime, but especially so early in the morning!

I told him about a few little aches that I’ve been having – my hip bursitis and a few jolts in the front of my knee – and he suggested that I do my 30 minutes on the bicycle instead of the treadmill. I was a little nervous – that bike can be tough – but I was able to complete 30 minutes on it with no problem and no pain. And since I’ve been walking slower on the treadmill to prevent pain, I was also able to get my heart rate up a bit higher than I have been on the treadmill this last week or so.

Daniel added two new stretches to my post-workout! It took a few extra minutes, but it was well worth how good they felt! It also gave me a cool down period; for once, I didn’t get into my car soaking wet!

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