Morning Super Bowl?

Loved this article from Self. One of my fave go-to breakfasts is cereal. Right now, I’m loving Uncle Sam (Original).

The Cereal Advantage: Ten 10 Reasons to Spoon Up a Bowl

A few years ago I interviewed a nutritionist for an article on breakfast and asked her, “If there was one food breakfast food you’d recommend to women, what would it be?” I expected her to echo what most dieticians had told me, that there’s no one food that’s best, you want to eat a variety of foods, yadda yadda. But she surprised me by saying, “Whole-grain cereal.”

Since that conversation, I haven’t felt an ounce of guilt about eating the same darn thing every morning for the last 3 years: Whole-grain granola cereal with low-fat milk topped with nuts and berries (my favorite new cereal? Bear Naked’s new Cranberry Raisin cereal with pepitas). Here are 10 reasons you can feel good about your morning Super Bowl, too–just make sure it’s made with whole grains (such as whole oats, brown rice whole wheat) and that they appear in the first 3 ingredients.

10. You’re filling up on plant food. Because they’re boxed and shelf-stable and not sold in the produce aisle, it’s easy to forget that whole-grain cereals are essentially plants–plants that are filled with phytonutrients, compounds that fight cancer and other diseases.

9.  It’s the perfect delivery system for calcium-rich milk. I don’t know many adult women who drink a glass of milk with their breakfast. But with cereal? Mmmmm. You can get almost one-third of your day’s RDA in a cup. 

8. You’re lowering your risk for weight gain. Several studies have shown that when overweight people eat a low-cal diet that includes a whole-grain cereal they lose more weight than those who don’t include a whole grain cereal. One reason: Whole grains are high in fiber, and fiber is satiating, so you stay fuller longer.

7. Healthy add-ons are a no-brainer. You can customize your cereal to your own tastes by sprinkling nuts, fruit,and seeds into your morning bowl. With the nuts, fruit, grains and milk, you’re hitting 4 major food groups at once! 

6. Cereal hearts your heart. One study found that for every extra serving of whole-grains, like cereal, you lower risk for heart failure by seven percent.

5. You’ll never get bored. In the last few years, there’s been a cereal explosion. Not only are there new companies on the scene, but they’re are all vying for your tastebuds with a cornacopia of mixes and flavors.

4. Cereal is stashable and snackable. Stock a couple pouches/mini-boxes in your desk drawer at work for mornings when you truly don’t have the 5 minutes it takes to gulp down a bowl at home. Buy shelf-stable milk and you have a complete morning meal. And it’s a way better mid-afternoon snack option than the bag of trans-fats in the vending machine.

3. It’s like eating a multi-vitamin. Most cereals are fortified with essential nutrients like folate and iron. In fact, for some women, it’s their primary source of certain vitamins and minerals.

2. You can indulge your carb craving…healthfully! Yes, cereal is a carb. And if it’s made with whole grains, it’s a good carb. So go ahead and carb-load!

1. It’s just as yummy, healthy and quick for lunch. Or dinner. Banish the image of the poor, lonely bachelorette eating her sad, soggy cereal for dinner while she watches reruns of Friends. If you pour yourself a bowl in the evening, you’re doing a good thing for your body. And having an instant dinner gives you more time to socialize with real friends. 

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