Monday Musings

Ahhh, Monday! And Monday after being out of state all weekend is a double Monday! I actually decided to take annual leave today because I had so much to do. In addition to being in Kansas City all weekend, I will be working on Sunday at an environmental event, so I figured I could use today to do my weekend stuff.

Daniel was back at the gym today after being off last week for the birth of his son. It was quite a morning. After my first round of exercises, we did something called interval training. I did two exercises, then got on the elliptical trainer for three minutes at a level five with at least 90 strikes per minutes. Then I repeated that circuit three more times. Remember, I’ve just started doing 10 minutes on the elliptical trainer, and that has been at a level ONE! I was worn out! My hip bursitis has bothered me a bit today and I was WHIPPED a lot of the day, but the knee seems to be fine.

Tomorrow is another challenge – working the polls. I’m poll manager at South Forest Acres. I have to be there at 6 a.m. and will work through 7 p.m., when I take the materials to the Election Commission. I’m not so much worried about my eating, and 6 a.m. is actually an hour later than I’m at the gym. It just makes for a long day, especially if we have cranky voters. I won’t be able to work out, but do plan to take walking breaks throughout the day to get some movement in.

This afternoon, I went over at set up the polling place. I had to set up the machines and plug them in. They are heavy and awkward trying to pull them up, but today was much easier. I guess that since I’ve been working out, I’m in better shape and have more strength, thus the machines easier to maneuver. Whatever the reason, it was a good thing.

I did a little shopping today because my clothes are getting so big. I bought a skirt and dress, both a size smaller. It is quite exciting when that happens! I know that Mom and Sister are getting sick of me calling when that happens, so I called Dad! He has been following my progress and was excited.

Off to bed. Hope tomorrow is a non-eventful day at the polls! Looking forward to the election being OVER, too.

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