Miscellaneous Musings

  • I’m excited that the “high density foam roller” I order arrived today. I bought it to help relieve the tightness in my IT band, which can cause knee pain. If you’re interested, click here for the deets.
  • This morning, I noticed a small change while riding the bike. My lower thighs (area just above the knees) look tighter, firmer.
  • Planning still remains the most important thing that I’m doing. Today, I had a luncheon at the Summit Club, but was unsure what was on the menu. I took some Taco Soup to work with me just in case. Turns out that the menu wasn’t quite the best, so I had some broccoli and fresh pineapple to tide me over, then ate the soup when I got back to the office. If I hadn’t had the soup, I may have been tempted to make a quick stop at McDonald’s, a convenience store or even the office vending machines.
  • It was actually almost COLD when I left at 5:30 a.m. this morning! LOVE IT!
  • It IS easier to get a recumbent bike a little later in the morning. At 5 a.m., I can’t always get one of the good ones and have to settle for one that makes my butt numb. But at 5:30 a.m., there are openings. That’s great every day except Monday and Thursday, when I have to be upstairs at 5:30 a.m. for strength training. Those days, I’m trying to get there EARLY (5 a.m.) to snag a good one!

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