May Non-Scale Victories

  1. When Daniel says “six to 10 reps,” I now go for 10 instead of taking the easy way out with six.
  2. A colleague from three jobs ago left a message that she’d been diagnosed with diabetes and asked who I worked with on my lifestyle change. She’d heard of my success via another past colleague. Love that healthy news travels!
  3. I attended a meeting yesterday and received an email today from an “all business” colleague who wrote, “Just wanted to say you looked great yesterday.”
  4. Someone told me what good posture I have since I’ve lost weight
  5. Didn’t go hog wild after Uncle Ray’s memorial service, despite the emotions and range of really good food they had
  6.  An old friend who I still see from time to time didn’t recognize me at Publix, even when he was within about five feet of me in the checkout line.
  7. In addition to making an appearance in my black and white dress, as well as my Nike workout pants, my once flat booty made an appearance in my jeans today!
  8. Today I saw a casual acquaintance out and about, and she quoted something from my blog. She said something like “Like you said on your blog, blah blah blah…” It makes me smile to think others are getting something from the blog.
  9. This email message from a friend: You are so inspiring.  I’ve been trying to be good this week.  I’m even going out to dinner tonight and I have a plan for what to order so I don’t undo all the good work I’ve done all week!  Your consistency reminds me that if I stick to it, I can do it.
  10. I can stand on things without them breaking now, like standing on a recycling bin to reach something in my office. My first thought is “that’s gonna break,” then I remember that I’m 100 lbs. lighter.
  11. Saw a darling size 10 1960s dress advertised on a resale shop’s Facebook page and realized “Hey, I could probably wear that!” Still hard to believe that! Going to check it out this weekend.
  12. Went back to a short short haircut today, the first time I’ve been really short since I lost weight. The short hair just fits me better, especially now that I’m a little more petite.
  13. Made some really good choices at the Original House of Pancakes despite wanting to do otherwise.
  14. Woke up before the alarm this morning AND did an hour of cardio.
  15. This isn’t really a victory per se, but it is pretty cool
  16. Bought a FAB size 8 skirt at Last Call, and it was almost too bid. (Still surprised and delighted that I can wear a size 8!)
  17. Bought a really cute sleeveless dress — first sleeveless purchase in YEARS — and can’t wait to wear it on a hot summer day!
  18. 10,000 steps before noon!
  19. As the official photographer for today’s Public Works Touch a Truck event, I was able to get a lot better pictures than last year because I was able to bend, stoop and squat with ease, much more so than the same time last year. It was an epiphany when I realized it, and I said out loud to no one, “I couldn’t do this last year!”
  20. Last night’s sleep was 96% effective, the highest since I started monitoring it with my Fitbit.
  21. Made it to the gym at 5 a.m. three days last week, like old times; I was there before Daniel even.
  22. Co-worker posted a picture of me from Touch-A-Truck, and the first few minutes, I didn’t realize it was me. Was trying to figure out who it was  – then I saw my name on it. Weird, but neat feeling.
  23. Impressed even Scott Elliott with my 45-minutes on the elliptical
  24. Attempted a pull up today, on my own, on the bar outside of the gym. I couldn’t do one — YET — but I saw the bar and wanted to try. That itself is a victory.
  25. This
  26. Mom’s neighbor, who has known me for 10+ years, told me that I get prettier every time he sees me. Nice to hear at any age, but especially my age!
  27. Someone at work told me in the restroom that she wanted to do what it took to look like me
  28. 45 minutes has become my new standard on the elliptical
  29. Drinking green drinks again in an attempt to get my veggies up and forgot how “not bad” they are
  30. Both the cutest guy in the City and the custodian told me that I was looking good.
  31. For the first time ever, I was excited about buying a bathing suit. I picked out what I’d usually pick and then what I liked but “couldn’t wear” and chose the couldn’t wear. (It was a tankini top with horizontal stripey designs — I would never wear horizontal stripes b/c they make you look bigger. )

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