May Day! Mayday!

Mayday: An internationally understood distress call invented by the English who, erroneously, thought that M’aidez was French for ‘Help me’.

May Day: Occurs on May 1 and refers to several public holidays.

Today is May Day, and after an especially crazy April, I’m yelling Mayday!

For folks like me, who work in the environmental arena, April is generally jam packed. With both the start of Spring and Earth Day in April, there are many events, presentations and meetings to attend. For me, there were actually fewerevents this April, but plenty of other distractions including a work trip to Charleston, weekend illness and Mom’s knee surgery.

Unfortunately, when I miss all or part of a weekend, I miss out on a lot, including grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. As a result, I fly by the seat of my pants during the week, which isn’t conducive to healthy eating, working out and stress management.

Today, I am calling Mayday and using this day to get things back in working order for a better, less hectic May.

This morning, I bought grcoeries for Mom, who is still recovering from knee surgery, and for Sister and I. I’m cleaning the kitchen, washing clothes and cooking as much as possible for the week ahead. With so much to do, I’m skipping the Sunday workout, but it’s worth it to reclaim some much needed order to my life.

Unfortunately, my healthy eating and workouts didn’t suffer too much in April, but I ran myself ragged trying to do everything. I didn’t eat as well as I should have, and I didn’t take care of myself either. Today marks the start of the last month of my third twelve weeks at Doctors Wellness Center, and I want to really bring it in  the final weeks. Today will help me do just that.


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