May 2014 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Resisted buying 75% off Cadbury eggs.
  2. When the barista called my name for coffee, I was met by a woman who asked if I was the “famous blogger.” She found my blog when researching DWC and said that it inspired her to go for it.
  3. Did two “gardening workouts” over the weekend.
  4. Ate a little too “dirty” and my body rebelled with vomiting and a stomachache.
  5. Came up with a healthy alternative to ice cream for the summer. Took an existing Green yogurt recipe, put it in half cup containers and froze it. And it is WONDERFUL.
  6. Did a training session I didn’t think I would be able to finish
  7. Trying a new food log that takes the emphasis off of the calories a little more than MyFitnessPal
  8. Threw away from chocolate chip because I was sneaking too many handfuls
  9. Made a conscious choice to drink water instead of a diet soda
  10. A skirt I thought wouldn’t fit – fit!
  11. Wearing one of my smaller bras today
  12. Went to Whole Foods for flowers and DIDN’T buy a cupcake, not even a mini one.
  13. Packed a lunch instead of eating out at FEMA seminar.
  14. Packed a lunch instead of eating out at FEMA seminar. Again.
  15. I was in my old stomping grounds, and very close to a pre-healthy fave restaurant, South Congaree House of Pizza. But instead of having lunch there, I stopped for an Amy’s organic pizza, cooked it at home and split it with sister.
  16. My billboard picture didn’t have to be airbrushed, and for me, look awesome
  17. Got water in on the weekend, which I usually don’t do
  18. Trying a new food in the dehydrator – green beans! (Didn’t work out very well. Will try again!)
  19. Ate morning oatmeal with no sweetener, artificial or otherwise.
  20. I haven’t weighed since moving the scales downstairs. Over a month ago. Maybe longer.
  21. Resisted cold regular lemonade on a really hot day.
  22. No diet soda today.
  23. Tried a new recipe: vegan Lemon Bliss Balls.
  24. Ate air-popped popcorn with NO cooking oil spray.
  25. I had a few slip ups today, but I wrote them down and contained the damage. No “well, I ate that so I may as well eat all of this” action.
  26. Opted for the simple way instead of stressful way for a going away present today.
  27. Trying to do one or two more reps than Danny asks me to do
  28. My weight may be up, but I can still wear my shirt tucked in
  29. Packing healthy options for the beach trip
  30. Trained today even though I’m off and headed to Pawley’s Island
  31. Two 10,000 step days in a row!


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