March Non-Scale Victories

  1. Not having to worry that the “hair color smock” at the salon will be too tight
  2. Tucking shirts in becomes the norm over wearing them out
  3. Resisted having a small glass bottle Coke when I had the stomach bug
  4. Not quite recognizing myself upon a quick look in the mirror
  5. After being called out for a bad push up, trainer Danny did compliment me: “great triceps”
  6. Completing 16-months at Doctors Wellness Center and getting these results:
  7. Reducing my heart rate from 96 to 69
  8. Reducing my blood pressure from 135/87 to 112/78
  9. Reducing my BMI from 40.6 (Obese, Class Two) to 24.6 (normal)
  10. After my massage, I told my masseuse about having lost 90 lbs. He said that he’d worked on people who’d lost a lot of weight and that they usually have a lot of loose skin, some so much they were hard to massage. But he said that he would’ve never known I’d lost that amount because he didn’t see the loose skin. (Shout out to the trainers at Doctors Wellness Center for that!)
  11. Ordered a dress on line, and when it got here, it looked too small. I tried it on, and it fit! Fun feeling!
  12. Up for an early morning workout on a Monday, the Monday morning after “spring forward,” no less. First Monday morning cardio session in weeks; have been opting for an after work workout most Mondays.
  13. Second day up early, despite DST. Today, woke up at 4:15 a.m. on my own.
  14. Actually tried on a sleeveless shirt, and while I didn’t like the shirt, it looks like I may just be just to confidently go sleeveless this summer!
  15. Burning up in my office and am able to take off my sweater (sleeveless shell underneath) because I’m not embarrassed about how my arms look. What freedom!
  16. LOVE being able to dress the way I want to dress and not in whatever I find that fits. Buying new clothes and getting dressed in the morning is so much fun now.
  17. When I was doing bench presses today, someone comment on how flat my stomach was. I do still have some goosh, but it was still nice to hear.
  18. Trainer Danny said that I had taken a beat down well today, and when your trainer says it was a beat down, you know you had a beat down. (I was just happy to get through w/o throwing up or fainting.)
  19. Surprisingly, I experienced little to no soreness after yesterdays’ beat down.
  20. While I in no way aspire to run, I am now jogging just a little in one of my sets. It is only notable because 90-something lbs. ago, I could not and would not “jog.”
  21. I can now “see” my obliques.
  22. Noticing a lot of lower body changes for the better lately.
  23. Wearing the sled weight belt on the last notches.
  24. Now bench pressing 75 lbs.
  25. Now using 20 lb. dumb bells for dumb bell press; trainer reminded me that I started this exercise with 8 lb. dumb bells
  26. Ordered a black travel dress for upcoming trip and size chart indicated that I needed a small. Debated buying the medium, but trying the small at urging of a friend. The biggest NSV will be if it actually fits!
  27. And it fit! YAHOO!
  28. Tried on (and bought) a fab red dress that when I tried on, I literally saw a different person in the mirror
  29. Bought a great pair of Under Armour workout pants in medium (a medium anything that fits still surprises me)
  30. Tried on a small workout shirt — it was on sale big time – and it fit
  31. Bought a pair of knit travel pants, medium petite.


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