March 2016 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Took a post surgery sick day to rest and recover from the anesthesia.
  2. My sneezes are starting to come out a little more normally.
  3. Did some straightening in my bedroom.
  4. Been to the gym eight weeks in a row.
  5. A friend set me up with someone who has had a crush on me since I spoke to his Leadership Columbia class. I wasn’t nervous about it, and it turned out well.
  6. Handled a crazy situation at work, quite well if I say so myself. Maybe better than I would’ve handled it BEFORE the aneurysm.
  7. My steps are increasing. Getting closer and closer to reaching 5000. And realize this is not even close to my pre-A norm of 10,000, but that is okay. (After all, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.)
  8. Did three minutes on the treadmill at 2 mph without getting wheezy. It’s not an hour on the elliptical, but progress nonetheless, and I celebrated it as such.
  9. Walked the dog in the dusk/dark and didn’t have to hand her off. It’s a great test of balance walking when it’s darker with a pulling dog to test your balance.
  10. Hit an all-time high score and level on a challenging Lumosity game, Train of Thought.
  11. Breathing strong enough to blow all of the seeds off of a Dandelion puff. First time this season.
  12. Hit 5,000 steps without even trying!
  13. Handled a disappointing phone call re: #5.
  14. Handled, quite well if I say so myself, a disappointing doctor’s appointment.
  15. Steadily increasing activity at the gym.
  16. Had green smoothie for breakfast.
  17. Tried the new CFA Kale Side Salad.
  18. Reached out to a distant co-worker today.
  19. Had a quick but nice visit with Dr. Moftakar at Richland.
  20. Took a break when I needed it this weekend.
  21. Made it to work early on a Monday.
  22. Instead of buying a blood orange flavored beverage, I bought actual blood oranges and ate one.
  23. Took my own lunch to the DHEC workshop.
  24. Got an apple as a side instead of potato chips.
  25. Knew there would be Dippin Dots at Globetrotters and knew I’d want some; worked my day around them.
  26. Total of six minutes on the treadmill, four just over 2.o mph. Did in three two-minute sets.
  27. Ate some asparagus at Easter at the Elliott’s.
  28. Had two half-priced Easter eggs in my basket, but returned them to the shelf.
  29. Hit my step goal two days in a row.
  30. Didn’t even look at the half-price candy at Kroger. (Not for long anyway. Definitely didn’t buy any.)
  31. Discovered the deliciousness of navel oranges.