March, 2015 Non-Scale Victories

It’s been a while since I posted a non-scale victory post since I’ve been in the hospital and/or rehab for my March 18 brain aneurysm. This was a list from March that I started and never completed.

  1. Sunday gym visit = 30 minutes on the AMT
  2. Packed a healthy lunch and snacks for tomorrow’s EPA meeting instead of opting for pizza and donuts
  3. My hip flexor strain flared up, so I took a rest day. It’s a victory because rest days are hard for me to take. I’m used to working through the discomfort, but taking a day or two to heal is the better option.
  4. Parked several blocks away from my lunch destination to enjoy a walk in the warm sunshine!
  5. Got a sports massage to help fix my hip. (Turned out it was an adductor issue, not hip flexor.) When giving me some pointers afterwards, Barbara started with,”For active women like you…” Four years into working out 4-6 times a week, and it still surprises me when someone refers to me that way.
  6.  The first cardio workout after three rest days. Also, ended up in two medium jackets during a morning shopping trip.
  7. Completed my first strength training after three rest days and some bad hip pain, and on a Saturday at that!
  8. Tackled a few projects I’ve been avoiding forever, and I feel at least 10 lbs. lighter!!
  9. Great strength training session despite some serious hip discomfort last night.
  10. Some of my panties are getting loose in the back.
  11. Did a.m. cardio so I could accept a last minute invitation to the Steve Miller Band and Journey concert.
  12. Ate on the low end of my calorie scale today, even though I had a few bites of a bacon egg and cheese burger and martinis.
  13. Ate on the low end of my calorie scale, again.
  14. Did 30 minutes of cardio and self-strength trained.
  15. Sister and Moon Pie joined me for today’s walk! Also, I pulled out the go-to denim shorts I wore this time last year, and they are too big to wear! Woot!
  16.  Someone at work asked if I was losing more weight.
  17. This.

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