March 2013 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Resisted lots of little things today, not only because they add up, but they also lead to bigger things, aka well I’ve already had that, I may as well have this…
  2. Pushed through a lot of excuses to get in a 30-minute AMT workout
  3. Resisted buying Girl Scout cookies
  4. Monday morning workout, check!
  5. After a weekend workout, the feeling you get when you walk by people waiting at the Original Pancake House
  6. Substituted agave nectar for honey in my overnight oats; trying to loosen the grip that honey has on me!
  7. Put pepper on my mixed veggies instead of salt
  8. Had decided to take the day off from cardio, but 45 minutes before the gym closed, was struck my an urge to exercise! Got 30 minutes of rolling hills on the AMT.
  9. Took Moon Pie for a walk this a.m. instead of just letting her out back. The neighbors slept a little longer; I got some great exercise with a friend.As I was walking down the hall (to get a few extra steps), someone said, “Energy to burn!” And he was totally right.
  10. Contacted Publix for nutrition info on one of their prepared foods (Four Berry Yogurt Parfait). Was a little surprised, but it was good to know.
  11. Recreated a cleaner, healthier version of Publix Yogurt Parfait at home.
  12. Moved my alarm clock across the room to prevent “snooze-induced” overslept workouts.
  13. SO sore this a.m. and wanted to do a light cardio session, but pushed to do “rolling hills” on the AMT.
  14. 10,000+ steps for the first time in a while
  15. Worked out/did cardio every day last week; six times at the gym, once at home
  16. For the first time I can remember, my first urine was almost clear. Trying to do better drinking water consistently throughout the day, evening.
  17. Tried several new recipes this weekend, including one with onions and Ancho peppers.
  18. Used my grandmother’s old Dutch oven in the oven for the first time.
  19. Was sad that it took me 34 minutes to do the 5k on the AMT until I realized that this former “fat girl” was hitting just over a 10 minute mile.
  20. Worked out (training and/or cardio) every day this week.
  21. Sister said she could see that I was losing weight again. (All compliments from Sister are big NSVs as they are very genuine; I don’t get them every day!)
  22. I ran out of chia seeds. Three years ago, I would’ve never imagined buying chia seeds, much less using an entire container and needing to buy more.
  23. Not only back in my 12p gray pants, but tucked a shirt in them, first time in a few months.
  24. Adding a little running to my treadmill walks and not having the lower back discomfort I was having in December.
  25. Working out more, harder and rebounding quicker.
  26. Took a minute off of my AMT 5k time.
  27. Worked out every day this week, third week in a row.
  28. Am back to being enough of a morning regular at the gym that when I went in later on my day off, Danny texted me to be sure everything was ok.
  29. Ran 5.2 mph today on the treadmill. Not long, but progress nonetheless.
  30. Resisted Easter candy to provide room and calories for the annual piece of Dewey’s Pink Lemonade cake.
  31. In a related NSV, went animal free all day, including Easter dinner, to allow for the annual piece of Dewey’s Pink Lemonade cake. Had fruit salad, which I brought, green beans and butter beans; passed over the ham, bread and potato salad.

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