Mahhhhvelous Monday

I don’t know if it was the kickin’ session that I had with Daniel this a.m. or the baby Brussel sprouts, but I am having a fabu Monday!

This a.m.’s workout was different, perhaps just my attitude. I did some new exercises, but I felt so empowered! I remember that four weeks ago I thought I couldn’t do push ups or crunches, and now, I look forward to them as they’re the easiest for me to do! I was tired and sweaty when I left, but felt really, really good. (I also noticed that my fave workout shorts are getting big in the waist!)

After a quick shower and change, I ran to Wal-Mart to get, among other things, a roasting pan so I could roast veggies tonight. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find the baby Brussels, but will settle for trying broccoli and cauliflower.

On the way in to the office, I stopped by Starbucks. I saw a few folks, including our Colonial rep. I had some insurance questions for him, and on the way out, he asked, “How much weight have you lost?” Nice way to start the day.

Today is “Meatless Monday,” so I’m home for lunch to do a little prep for tonight’s dinner. I realized what I did wrong with the tofu last week – I used the wrong veggie puree – so I’m looking forward to a success this evening. I just set up the food processor and cleared off the counters, so I can get started soon after I get home.

I realize that I’ll probably hit the wall around 3 p.m., but for now, I’m enjoying today’s positive energy!

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