Losing Lbs., But Not the Big Girl Mentality?

Something funny happened on Thursday, and it actually happened twice. I “forgot” that I was 7o lbs. thinner.

The first time was after my workout with Danny. It was a really tough training session, and the final circuit included three minutes on the elliptical at level 10, which is killer.  I was happy  that I survived, but when I got to the car, I was hot, tired and grumpy. As I got in the car, I muttered out loud,”What is he thinking, putting a 200+ pound girl on the elliptical at level 10?” And it actually took me a minute or two to realize that I am no longer that girl!

Next was later that day. I was at a meeting and told one of my friends how cute I thought this guy in the meeting was, but that “I bet he doesn’t like big girls, though.” Now, I am much thinner, but I think in the eyes of most men, I’m still considered a “big girl.” I think for a lot of guys, anything over 110 lbs. is a big girl. At any rate, I was still seeing myself as I was, not as I am now.

I’m not  ready to write a dissertation on this or anything, but it is on my mind. I definitely want to talk to Traci about  this on Wednesday, and maybe I’ll Google it, too. Have you been through a similar situation? How did you handle it?

  1. According to my hubby under 120 lbs is too skinny! U look great, and although it may take longer for u to process that, remember that we see the fab and fly MaryPat.

  2. Hey MP! I wish I could tell you that the fat girl mentality goes away, but it never really does. You feel good about yourself, and like looking in the mirror, but when you aren’t directly confronted with your real time image, your brain lapses back into the one it is used to. Been well under 200 lbs (from a high of 240) for nearly 4 years now and it just didn’t change.

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