Like Me, This Blog is a Work in Progress

In the last few weeks, I converted this blog from Blogger to Wordpress. I’ve been pleased with the change, but as a new Wordpress user, I’m still finding my way around. I didn’t want to continue using Blogger until I mastered Wordpress – that could take a while – so please be patient as I figure this out.

This morning, I’ve been playing with the blog theme. All of the choices are overwhelming, so I’m sticking with a basic one and just tweaking the header. I would eventually like to change the font and add some color, maybe some new graphic elements, but that is going to have to wait. I have so much to do today, and I’ve already spent an hour or so just “playing.”

If anyone knows of any great Wordpress tutorials, tricks or tips, please send them my way. In the meantime, stay tuned and have a great Sunday!

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  1. Nice start Mary Pat! The great thing about WordPress is that SO many people use it and you are just a quick Google search away from answering your questions. Veterans still search for fixes, so stay positive. In all honesty the default Twenty Ten theme is rock solid and easily customizable.

    Take a look at WP Beginner for tutorials (aka: tuts).

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