Life is A Lot Less Complicated

In a different way. I mean I’m having to learn how to cook things, try new foods and clean up the kitchen after cooking. That is NOT less complicated. But changing my eating habits and exercising more has relieved me of the constant nagging that I needed to do something, anything, to lose weight and get healthier.

As I was walking through Target today, I realized that I was no longer scouring the magazine racks for the one(s) that featured the latest diet. I wasn’t checking the aisles for the newest 100-calorie pack or my favorite candy, depending on my mood. I wasn’t looking for the latest weight loss book on the bestseller list.

It’s refreshing, really, and quite liberating. I’m eating well and working out. Simple enough. No calories to count, no carbs to cut out, no points to count. 

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