Kismet at the Kroger

I love kismet. It’s such a perfect word to explain coincidences may or may not be God-sightings, but sure aren’t just coincidences. But I digress.


Mr. Gantt and me at his cakeless retirement party.

This evening, I attended a retirement party for Steve Gantt, our former City Manager. I always credit Mr. Gantt for changing my life as he was at the heart of the wellness program that brought me to Doctors Wellness Center. I am eternally grateful and wanted to thank him one last time before he left the City.

I also wanted some cake! Retirement parties mean cake, and I was pretty good all day so I could have a small slice at the party. Imagine my surprise when there was no cake.

I was chatting with Mom via cell phone on the way home and mentioned that since they didn’t have cake, I now had a huge craving for it. She mentioned that Kroger had cake by the slice in the bakery, and that’s all I needed to know. I’d planned for cake, I wanted cake, so by gosh, I was going to get some cake.

I get to Kroger, head straight to the bakery and who do I see? Becky from the gym. Yep! She said that she’d worked out with Paul this evening, and we exchanged a few words before we went our separate ways.

I headed for the bakery, but somehow, I’d lost the taste for that cake. Seeing her reminded me of all that I had accomplished and all of the people who helped me accomplish it. It also occurred to me that something or someone bigger than me arranged that chance meeting and that I better not mess around with it.

As I walked to my car empty handed, I saw Becky loading her groceries. When I explained what happened, she laughed and said that she was glad she didn’t have anything bad in her buggy when she ran into me. We exchanged a hug and agreed how great it was that we held each other accountable tonight without even knowing it.

Yep, it was kismet at the Kroger!

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