June 2014 Non-Scale Victories

  1. A 27,000 step day (steps are easier at the beach!)
  2. Splurged for brunch, but still didn’t even come close to eating as much as I used to. I get full much faster now, and I also limit what I indulge on.
  3. Made myself drink another 20 oz. of water before having an afternoon snack
  4. With some assistance from the updated My Fitness Pal, I’m working to eat a more nutritionally balanced meal, i.e. limiting carbs, getting more protein, etc. Mainly, I’m just trying to stay within the guidelines, not do anything funky.
  5. Good news? I got nine hours of sleep. Bad news? Missed my morning workout. Chalking it up to “listening to my body” this time.
  6. Resisted the bowl of candy in front of me at a boring meeting.
  7. Planned a treat; by eating light and pre-planning dinner, I was able to enjoy birthday cake AND stay under my calorie goal.
  8. Got into one size smaller dress than I expected.
  9. Got back in the training mode today after missing last week due to vacay and a sunburn that prevented me from wearing a sports bra.
  10. Tried something new and really outside of the norm – The Good Life Cafe. Not the biggest fan, but I tried several new things, and that is good.
  11. Survived Danny’s Wednesday whipping!
  12. My meal plan got turned upside down, but I still rose to the challenge. Took my “plan B” lunch to APWA meeting, while the others had Honeybaked Ham boxed lunches.
  13. Allowed myself a sweet treat, but didn’t totally blow the rest of the day.
  14. Tried something new when dining out: black eyed pea hummus. Pretty darn good.
  15. Tried a new recipe today – cauliflower fettuccine alfredo – and it was delish!
  16. Crazy busy week ahead, so planned and prepped all meals.
  17. Realizing that when I limit my sugar intake (natural and otherwise), I have far fewer cravings and wild hunger pains. Getting better at eating more nutritionally balanced meals.
  18. Missed my a.m. workout, so I went this evening. (That’s a big one – really dislike evening cardio!)
  19. Two days in a row, packed a healthy lunch to take to a professional development workshop. One day, I was coincidentally eating Cauliflower Alfredo while the others had whole fat and who knows what else regular Alfredo Fettuccine.
  20. REALLY wanted a Chick-Fil-A today, but ate my naked Taco Bake instead.
  21. Twice in 24 hours, resisted buying my favorite ice creams, both on sale and one very hard to find.
  22. Not only did Friday evening cardio, even strength trained!
  23. DWC trainer told me it looked like I was slimming down. He also later said that I am “one fit lady.”
  24. Took a long evening walk to hit 10,000 steps even though it was hot. I didn’t die, and I hit 10k steps.
  25. Threw away an unopened, expired carton of chocolate almond milk.
  26. Starting to see some small changes that point to weight loss: clothes fitting a little better, shoulders looking stronger, hip bones feeling a little sharper.
  27. Slept in this morning, worked out tonight.
  28. Trained myself since I’d only worked with Danny once this week.
  29. Trained myself yesterday and was sore today!
  30. A sixteen-year-old asked for one of my recipes.

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